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Bizzo is a Don't Flop battler whose tryout was at Summer Standard.


Bizzo had a number of appearences in other leagues before trying out in Don't Flop, primarily in Rapped in Wire, but also Get Slated. His tryout for Don't Flop was at the Summer Standard event in July of 2013. Since then he has participated in the Top 8 Tournament, going out to Cojay in the semi-final.



Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Bizzo vs Seano Mac Don't Flop Raise the Bar: Manchester Loss 14/04/14 Battle
Bizzo vs Cojay Don't Flop 5th Birthday 5-0 Loss 20/11/13 Battle
Bizzo vs Tali Don't Flop Set the Standard 9 5-0 Win 12/10/13 Battle
Bizzo vs P Solja Don't Flop Summer Standard 3-0 Win 25/08/13 Battle
Bizzo vs Suus Get Slated Get Slated 6 2-1 Win 29/04/13 Battle
Bizzo vs Dave3Ways (Title Match) Rapped in Wire 4-0 Loss 28/04/13 Battle
Bizzo vs Nu-Low Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 6 5-0 Win 05/02/13 Battle
Bizzo vs Jimidkid Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 4 2-1 Loss 27/10/12 Battle
Bizzo vs G Double E Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 3 3-0 Win 25/10/12 Battle
Bizzo vs Spokes Rapped in Wire Behind the Bars 1 3-0 Win 20/07/12 Battle
Bizzo vs Nu-Low Forward Urban 2-1 Win 29/04/12 Battle


League Battles Record (W/L/P)
Don't Flop 4 2/2/0
Forward Urban 1 1/0/0
Get Slated 1 1/0/0
Rapped in Wire 5 3/2/0

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