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Verb T is a Don't Flop veteran who made his debut in 2010 against Cruger


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Battle League Event Result Upload Date Link
Verb T & Joker Starr vs Shuffle-T & Marlo Don't Flop Don't Flop Plymouth Promo 17/07/13 Battle
Verb T vs Flex Digits Don't Flop Set the Standard 5-0 Loss 26/01/13 Battle
Verb T & Joker Starr vs Tony D & Locksmyth Don't Flop BoozeTown Beach Bash Promo 31/08/12 Battle
Verb T vs Matter Don't Flop Blam! 3-0 Loss 03/08/12 Battle
Verb T & Joker Starr vs Sensa & Sketch Don't Flop Don't Flop East Promo 26/03/12 Battle
Verb T vs JollyJay Don't Flop 3rd Birthday 3-0 Loss 04/11/11 Battle
Verb T vs PJ Don't Flop Times Change 5-0 Win 12/08/11 Battle
Verb T vs Prince Kong Don't Flop Don't Flop Brighton 5-0 Win 08/06/11 Battle
Verb T vs Disciple Don't Flop To the Test 4 3-0 Win 16/05/11 Battle
Verb T & Joker Starr vs Chronicle & Psychosis Holochaust Don't Flop To the Test 5-0 Loss 07/04/11 Battle
Verb T vs DPF Don't Flop Don't Flop London Promo 24/10/10 Battle
Verb T vs Press1 Don't Flop Don't Flop London 3-0 Loss 18/06/10 Battle
Verb T vs Cruger Don't Flop Blood in the Water 2 5-0 Loss 28/04/10 Battle

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